Help Me

I have finally finished my NaNoWriMo novel last night at 57 chapters and 147,023 words. Granted it has taken me a while, but the journey is still beginning for my characters 🙂 on to Book 2, Save Me!

“Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?”


Save Me

I’m so close to the end that I can taste it. But, yet again, I have writer’s block so I’m probably not going to be finished until after the new year. Right now, I’m sitting at 124,148 words and possibly 6 chapters or so shy.

Let me just say, that writing this first book, it has been an amazing journey and I’m glad that I’ve started it. It’s been an amazing accomplishment in my journey as a writer and a stepping stone to help me become an even better writer.

The new year

Yes, the new year is upon us and looming over our shoulders like an annoying Cheshire cat, smirking as it whispers the failures we’ve made all year.

But don’t listen to the Cheshire cat, because you’ve also made some significant and amazing changes in your life as well. Keep your head up high as the new year turns tomorrow night and keep the smile on your face as you make resolutions for success, and failure for the new year. Remember, you can’t have one without the other.

Mystery writing …

Yes, this blog is all about mystery writing … I’m so confused on how to do this that I’m going to a blog and asking for help on how it’s written. I’m reading mystery novels, but I don’t get how it’s written as a writer … and I’m starting to feel like a moron 😦

Anyone that can help me with this, answer in a reply. I’ll be greatly happy with any form or sort of help given!

Love you all! ❤

The Scars Inside series

This series is one I started last May when I was incapacitated from hurting my knee … and mostly out of boredom … and started this little series.

This is one that’s written in different parts and each part is a different character each and yes, each character has more than one book! So far, I have part 1 nearly done, until I lost the little miracle worker called flashdrive … but anyway, the main character, Cammeron (Cam) Bates, suffers from paranoid-schizophrenia, and you read the story through his eyes, hear what he hears, and see what he sees and goes through. His journey is tough, especially since his paranoia doubled once his father dies right in front of him, leaving his psyche broken for the rest of his life.

I have an idea for part 2 with a girl called Rayven Hart and she has bipolar-disorder type 2 along with severe depression and an abusive father. I haven’t started on her yet, and I’m waiting on the right time to. I guess it’s when I find my miracle drive! I’m hoping it’s really soon too 😦

If there’s any questions about this series, go on and ask, I’ll reply as soon as I can and I’m happy to answer questions anyone has 🙂

Save Me Trilogy; Help Me, book 1

Yes, this is a blog about my first book that I’ll have finished in a few days thanks to the lovely NaNoWriMo!

So far, this is a fan fiction that I’ve created from one of my favorite shows called Naruto, and if you’re an avid anime watcher, you’ll know what show I’m talking about! To talk about the novel, Naruto’s father is evil … He hates and resents his son because his birth caused his wife (Naruto’s mother) to pass because of heart failure that no one knew about until she had a major heart attack mere minutes after Naruto’s born. So, since he was seven, his father has physically abused his son and Naruto can’t find it in his heart to be mad and upset at his father, mostly because he himself sometimes blames himself for his mother not being there with them. But when Naruto’s had enough of the physical torture, he goes to his high school principal and asks if she can help his father get over his alcohol addiction without spilling that he’s being physically abused.

Naruto’s dad, however, hates how his son went to get him help when he clearly didn’t want any of it and was set out to give the blonde some real pain to think over when Naruto suddenly made him change his mind and accept the help that was being given to him.

Everything seems to be going great for Naruto, until the injury he gained from his fathers’ outrage refuses to heal correctly and has to have back surgery to fix the problem or he’d be crippled for the rest of his life, has to stay with his best friend he rarely even talks to in a civilized manner anymore and finally opens up to him. But, he hates the idea that his friend is prying into his life when the blonde just wants his friend to be there as a silent gesture of hope that everything will stay the way he’s hoping it will be once his father comes back from a ninety day detox program……

Okay, I’ll stop there! I don’t need to tell about the end of the book now do I? 😉 That will spoil everything! Bahaha.

I will publish another blog about this series once I start book 2 and get book 1 undergoing publishing (hopefully before a year has past) and I’ll be posting a chapter up on my account; where I have other work published!